Monday of the Second Week in Lent

Official Translation

Reading 1 – Daniel 9.4b-10

O Lord, great and awesome God,
who keep your covenant and loving kindness
toward those who love you
and keep your commandments:
We have sinned,
and have dealt perversely,
and have done wickedly,
and have rebelled,
even turning aside
from your precepts and from your ordinances;
we have not listened
to your servants the prophets,
who spoke in your name
to our kings, our princes, and our fathers,
and to all the people of the land.

Lord, righteousness belongs to you,
but to us confusion of face, as on this day;
we men of Judah,
and inhabitants of Jerusalem,
and all Israel, who are near,
and who are far off,
through all the countries
where you have driven them,
because of their trespass
that they have trespassed against you.

Lord, to us belongs confusion of face,
to our kings, to our princes, and to our fathers,
because we have sinned against you.
To the Lord our God belong
mercies and forgiveness;
for we have rebelled against him,
and have not obeyed the voice
of the Lord our God,
to walk in your laws,
which you set before us
by you servants the prophets.

Responsorial – Psalm 79.8, 9, 11+13 R. 103:10a

R. Lord, do not deal with us according to our sins.

Do not hold the iniquities of our forefathers against us.
Let your tender mercies speedily meet us,
for we are in desperate need.

R. Lord, do not deal with us according to our sins.

Help us, God of our salvation,
for the glory of your name.
Deliver us, and forgive our sins,
for your name’s sake.

R. Lord, do not deal with us according to our sins.

Let the sighing of the prisoner come before you.
According to the greatness of your power, preserve those who are sentenced to death.
So we, your people and sheep of your pasture,
will give you thanks forever.
We will praise you forever, to all generations.

R. Lord, do not deal with us according to our sins.

Gospel – Luke 6.36-38

Jesus said to his disciples:
“Be merciful,
even as your Father is also merciful.
Do not judge,
and you will not be judged.
Do not condemn,
and you will not be condemned.
Release, and you will be released.
Give, and it will be given to you:
good measure, pressed down,
shaken together, and running over,
will be given to you.
For with the same measure you measure,
will it be measured back to you.”

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