Saturday of the Twelfth Week in Ordinary Time (II)

Official Translation

Reading 1 – Lamentations 2.2, 10-14, 18-19

The Lord has swallowed up
all the habitations of Jacob,
and has not pitied:
He has thrown down in his wrath
the strongholds of the daughter of Judah;
He has brought them
down to the ground;
he has profaned
the kingdom and its princes.

The elders of the daughter of Zion
sit on the ground; they keep silence;
they have cast up dust on their heads;
they have clothed themselves with sackcloth:
The virgins of Jerusalem
hang down their heads to the ground.

My eyes do fail with tears, my heart is troubled;
My liver is poured on the earth,
because of the destruction
of the daughter of my people,
Because the young children and the infants
faint in the streets of the city.
They ask their mothers,
“Where is grain and wine?”
When they faint like the wounded
in the streets of the city,
When their soul is poured out
into their mothers’ bosom.

What shall I testify to you?
What shall I liken to you,
daughter of Jerusalem?
What shall I compare to you,
that I may comfort you,
virgin daughter of Zion?
For your breach is great like the sea:
who can heal you?
Your prophets have seen for you
false and foolish visions;
They have not uncovered your iniquity,
to bring back your fortunes,
but have seen for you
false and misleading oracles.

Their heart cried to the Lord:
wail O daughter of Zion.
Let tears run down
like a river day and night;
Give yourself no respite;
Do not let your eye cease.
Arise, cry out in the night,
at the beginning of the watches;
Pour out your heart like water
before the face of the Lord:
Lift up your hands toward him
for the life of your young children,
that faint for hunger
at the head of every street.

Responsorial – Psalm 74.1b-2, 3-5, 6-7, 20-21 Resp. 19b

R. O Lord, forget not the life of your poor forever.

God, why have you rejected us forever?
Why does your anger smolder against the sheep of your pasture?
Remember your congregation, which you purchased of old,
which you have redeemed to be the tribe of your inheritance;
Mount Zion, on which you have lived.

R. O Lord, forget not the life of your poor forever.

Lift up your feet to the perpetual ruins,
all the evil that the enemy has done in the sanctuary.
Your adversaries have roared in the middle of your assembly.
They have set up their standards as signs.
They behaved like men wielding axes, cutting through a thicket of trees.

R. O Lord, forget not the life of your poor forever.

Now they break all its carved work down with hatchet and hammers.
They have burned your sanctuary to the ground.
They have profaned the dwelling place of your Name.

R. O Lord, forget not the life of your poor forever.

Honor your covenant,
for haunts of violence fill the dark places of the earth.
Do not let the oppressed return ashamed.
Let the poor and needy praise your name.

R. O Lord, forget not the life of your poor forever.

Gospel – Matthew 8.5-17

As Jesus entered into Capernaum,
a centurion came to him,
petitioning him and saying,
“Lord, my servant lies paralyzed at home,
grievously tormented.”
He said to him,
“I will come to heal him.”
The centurion answered saying,
“Lord, I am not worthy that
you enter under my roof,
but only say the word,
and my servant shall be healed.
For I, a human, am under authority.
I have soldiers under me,
and I say to this one,
‘Go!’ and he goes;
and to another,
‘Come!’ and he comes,
and to my servant,
‘Do this!’ and he does it.”

Hearing this, Jesus marveled,
and said to those who followed,
“Amen I say unto you:
I have not found such faith.
Not in Israel.
I say to you, many shall
come from the east and west,
and shall sit down to eat with
Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob,
in the kingdom of heaven
but the children of the Kingdom
will be thrown out into the outer darkness.
There will be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”

Jesus said to the centurion,
“Go your way. Let it be done for you
as you have believed.”
His servant was healed that hour.

When Jesus came into Peter’s house,
he saw his wife’s mother lying sick with a fever.
He touched her hand, and the fever left her.
She got up and served him.
When evening came,
they brought to him many possessed with demons.
He cast out the spirits with a word,
and healed all who were sick;
that it might be fulfilled
what was spoken through Isaiah the prophet, saying:
“He took our infirmities, and bore our diseases.”

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