Thank you all for your patience during the past couple months. I came down with severe bronchitis for all of June and am only now catching up with everything. I am sorry that I did not put any update before. I kept intending to put an update as soon as I was able to catch up, but that was delayed until now.

As you can see from the blog, I have started posting the readings a week in advance. For today's reading, it will be necessary to scroll down. I had avoided doing this when I started for various reasons. First because I wanted to work with the current reading for my own preparation each day for Mass, but also because of the inconvenience to those who subscribe to the blog on email or RSS. Each day's reading will always be showing up a week early. If I can figure out a way to correct this, I will, but it may be hopeless. Those who subscribe on Kindle will be somewhat inconvenienced, but the table of contents feature should help.

The reason I decided to start doing this was because so many people are using these readings and are relying on these readings being here. By putting these up a week ahead people will be able to look forward to the next couple days if they need to, and, if I am unable to work on it for a few days, no one will be missing the reading.

This blog is really a work in progress, a support to my daily homilies blog. I had not expected so many people to subscribe while I was still building it. The first year will end in November 2012, after which the work will be much less, and after the second year the work will be greatly reduced again, but this first year I am translating the entire set of readings every day. I thank God that I have been able to do as much as I have done up until now. About half of the yearly readings are now done. In November 2013, when I have all the weekday readings finished, and they are all accessible on the website through the tables, I will probably return to posting the reading for the day on the evening before. In the meantime, staying a week ahead seems like the best option.

In Christ,
A Servant.

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